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8/3/2011 Human Papillomavirus vaccination campaign
      08-03-2011- On 31st January 2011, the French Health Products Safety Agency (AFSSAPS) placed under surveillance 76 medicines including two vaccines (GARDASIL and CERVARIX) against Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which in 70% to 80% of cases prevents cervica...Suite
15/11/2010 Large-scale free osteoporosis screening campaign
      15-11-2010- The results of the first osteoporosis screening campaign, launched on the Government’s initiative in August 2009, show the need for such a programme. 43% of the patients who were asked to undergo a bone density scan showed they...Suite
11/11/2010 CHPG Nurse Training Institute (IFSI): registration for the entrance examination begins on 1st December
      11-11-2010- The Nurse Training Institute (IFSI) will begin to take registrations for its 2011 entrance examination on 1st December 2010. The examination concerns anyone who is interested in trainin...Suite
27/9/2010 Increased control of Aedes Albopictus known as the “Asian tiger mosquito”
      27-09-2010- Due to the extremely favourable weather conditions this year for the propagation of mosquitoes, the Aedes Albopictus known as the “Asian tiger mosquito”, which carries the dengue fever and chikungunya virus, has established itself in the Pr...Suite
15/6/2010 New prospects for the future Princess Grace Hospital
      15-06-2010- I –The current situation The decision to build a new Princess Grace Hospital was made in 2006. This decision has since been confirmed. Following a bidding process, a procedure was initiated which resulted in the selection of the project pu...Suite
2/4/2010 Partnership between CHPG – Government of Monaco Two doctors and a nurse from the developing countries currently on a training course in Monaco
      02-04-2010- Partenariat CHPG – Gouvernement Princier - Deux médecins et un infirmier issus de pays en développement actuellement en stage à Monaco Ce document est une News Ce document était une News Image d'accroche pour la News : Libellé men...Suite
18/1/2010 A Qietüdine: Opening of the home and submission of applications
      10-01-2010- Last November, the Government of Monaco informed Monegasques and residents of the opening of the retirement home “A Qietüdine”, located 5/7, avenue du Port, on 5th April 2010. The establishment boasts 70 individual rooms offering a high le...Suite
17/12/2009 A (H1 N1) INFLUENZA VACCINE
      17-12-2009- The Department of Social Affairs and Health would like to inform the public that from Monday 21st December 2009, the A (H1 N1) influenza vaccine will be available exclusively at the vaccination centre located in the entrance of the Louis II ...Suite
      02-12-2009- From Tuesday 1st December 2009, the Occupational Health Office’s vaccination centre will be open from Monday to Friday from midday to 7 p.m. All individuals with a vaccination voucher, regardless of the name of centre indicated on the vouc...Suite
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