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Archives Humanitarian and Caritative
14/6/2011 Monaco Collectif HumanitaireH.S.H. the Sovereign Prince visits a young Iraqi refugeeat the Cardio-Thoracic Centre in Monaco
      2011-06-10- On Thursday 9th June 2011, H.S.H. Prince Albert II headed to the Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Centre to visit young Basim, an Iraqi refugee in Syria, following a new operation on his heart. The five-year old boy is the 128th child to receive surg...Suite
14/6/2011 A Monegasque delegation at the UN committee against torture
      10-06-2011- From 20th to 23rd May 2011, a Monegasque delegation travelled to Geneva from 20th to 23rd May 2011, for the examination, by the UN Committee against torture, of Monaco’s periodic report concerning the implementation of the provisions of the...Suite
14/3/2011 Monaco’s Fire Brigade detachment leaves for Japan
      13-03-2011- The Japanese Authorities have accepted the offer for operational support made by France and Monaco, following the wishes of H.S.H. the Prince (see midday news bulletin of 12th March). Consequently, the Monegasque Rescue and Clearing Unit mob...Suite
14/3/2011 The Principality of Monaco offers Japan operational support
      12-03-2011- Following the earthquake which hit the North East coast of Japan on Friday, H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince has asked his government to offer the Japanese Authorities the support of a search and rescue unit (S.A.R.). The unit is composed of ele...Suite
20/9/2010 Bosnia-Herzegovina – Mine-risk education for children
      20-09-2010- The Monegasque Cooperation has just signed a partnership agreement with the association « Genesis Project » to make children in Bosnia-Herzegovina aware of the risks from unexploded mines and munitions in the country. Allocated funds will en...Suite
20/8/2010 The Principality allocates 100,000 € to PAKISTAN
      20-08-2010- The Principality allocates 100,000 € to PAKISTAN Pakistan has recently suffered the deadliest floods in its history. From the 20 million people affected, many are still left to fend for themselves. Faced with this humanitarian disaster, ...Suite
22/6/2010 Monaco accedes to the protocol relating to the status of refugees
      21-05-2010 - The Principality of Monaco submitted its instrument of accession to the “New York Protocol of 31st January 1967 relating to the status of refugees” on 16th June 2010. This Protocol modifies the Geneva Convention of 28th July 1951 relating ...Suite
18/6/2010 The Principality of Monaco takes action in aid of the Var disaster victims
      17-06-2010 - On the request of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, the Government of Monaco is taking action in aid of the victims of the tragic flooding that occurred in the Department of the Var on 15th June. Emergency aid amounting to 100,000€ has just bee...Suite
      11-06-2010 - From the 3 projects presented by the Monegasque Delegation on a visit to Haiti from 21st to 25th April 2010, Monaco Collectif Haiti has ch...Suite
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